Truster - это сообщество брокеров

Truster is a community of brokers

We offer a new format of work in the global real estate market. Together, we create a verified database of properties all around the world for fast and efficient work.
Join us if

  • you are an expert in what you do
  • you are used to working independently
  • you cherish your reputation
  • you adhere professional ethics
  • you value your time
  • you'd like to work in the international market
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Why Truster?
1 property = 1 ad
We preserve open and fair competition: properties are not duplicated on Truster. If you have the exclusive right to work with the piece of property we can guarantee that there won't be any duplicates.
Personal page
Extra spendings for your websites and advertising are now the thing of the past! Create your page with all the necessary information. Promote your brand and build up your business in one place with all modern sales tools at your hands.
CRM system
Our CRM system is user-friendly and has been created with the needs of agents in minds. Plan your work, keep your clients' and objects' data, go through statistics. All information is secured in one place. Use it without any additional charges.
Real reviews
Only clients you worked with are able to leave a feedback about your work. Work for your reputation, increase your rating.
Share your properties without duplicating ads . Assign a commission for your partners directly in the system.
Personal rating
Whether you work independently, in an agency or moving from agency to agency, your rating and reputation remain on your personal page.
καλως ΗΡΘΑΤΕ
Добре дошли
Villa verkaufen
Βίλα στην Κύπρο
talo Helsingissä
İstanbul'da daire
Saint James-Delabordère, Neuilly-sur-Seine
1 595 000 €
villa in Limassol
Mesa Geitonia, Cyprus
295 000 €
Casa en venta en Canuta
Calpe, Costa Blanca, España
1 050 000 €
Haus in München
München, Deutschland
4 300 000 €
Innovative platform
TRUSTER is an ecosystem for working with real estate around the world.
15 languages, cultural diversity
Full range of functions for all steps of your deal in one service
No limitations by countries, choose any
Pay for publications only
up to 25 properties
for 30 days
Is free
up to 50 properties
for 30 days
Is free
up to 100 properties
for 30 days
Is free
Need more?

We are open to discuss individual plans for your business needs.